Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mac Wrap

Recently McDonalds has reinvented and repackaged, in a sense, the Big Mac. The Mac Snack Wrap is basically a Big Mac, but spurns the sesame seed bun for a flour tortilla.

Recently the other famous Big Mac, Mark McGwire, admitted to using steroids, in a conscience cleaning effort to reinvent public perception of him. (You like how I tied that in? Sweet huh?)

If you took steroids in the past, come clean with it. No further proof is necessary than a case study of Mark McGwire and public perception. This guy was getting absolutely blasted in the media because of his testimony, and now the first thing that people say when talking about him is, "I'm glad he did it."

And really what did he have to lose?

Another thing is, I think something that gets overlooked in all of this are his chances for the Hall of Fame.

I think it would require the turnover of a LOT of Hall of Fame voters to get Mark McGwire into the Hall of Fame. Before, he had no chance. Now, at least if they do end up relaxing their stance on steroid users, Mark McGwire will be one of the first considered in.

I really hope the rest who used steroids take Mark McGwire's lead so we can all get past this. The statute of limitations for steroids use is supposedly 5-years. I guess that's a uniform time from state to state. As soon as it's safe, holler.

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