Thursday, December 3, 2009

Over a river and through the Woods...

I don't support infedelity. I want to make that clear right now. If you make a pledge of faithfulness to a person, you should keep it.

That having been said, as a realist, I can't expect any athlete who is married to remain faithful to his wife. There are so many thousands of really hot women out there who are so attracted to you and want to jump your bones, a man can only say no so many times. Some men have trouble avoiding cheating on their wife with the one or two women who make passes on them. Imagine one or two hot women every few hours.

Let's say you're an alcoholic, but have vowed to give up drinking. If you get your most favorite, delicious, expensive alcohol offered to you every day, how long could you go without giving in? Every man is by nature addicted to women, so if you're a married athlete, there's only 2 foolproof ways to avoid cheating on your wife.
1. "Fix" yourself
2. Get divorced and don't remarry.

Athletes honestly should never get married. They can have baby's mamas, but they really should never get married. Women who hold fidelity in high regard should never marry an athlete. It's really as simple as that.

Yes. I'm making it sound like men have no choice in the matter of staying faithful. Most don't. It's human nature.

I don't think any less of Tiger Woods than I did of Kobe Bryant after his scandal. In fact, I don't know how this wholesome image of Tiger was built up in the first place. For one, the man swears like a sailor when he screws up. Secondly, he is so competitive and such a perfectionist that if I had a child, I would point to Tiger Woods and tell my child, "Now him, Tiger Woods...that's too much. Don't be that crazy." Does being a winner automatically mean you're some perfect human being?

This shouldn't affect Tiger's endorsements, but really who cares? The man is already worth like a billion dollars. Literally. Even if he lost all of his endorsements and never made another penny for the rest of his life, I think he'll pull through.

I, like Tiger, can't wait for this whole thing to blow over so we don't have to talk about things that are neither interesting nor our business.

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